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WannaCry hackers tried to use Switzerland exchange to hide tracks

A recent article by Bloomberg, dedicated to a small town of Zug in Switzerland, tells that the group of hackers behind the WannaCry attack tried to use Zug’s openness to cryptocurrency transfers for their own benefit.
This town authorities chose to focus on cryptocurrency business and created a Crypto Valley with extremely welcoming approach to all cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. Oliver Bussman, an experienced finance manager, is the president of Crypto Valley. According to him, Switzerland, Zug and Crypto Valley are absolutely not going to act in accordance with a popular stereotype that this country hides financial secrets of the world and various black market activities.
This intention has been de-facto confirmed after WannaCry attackers tried to exchange funds in Crypto Valley. After noticing suspicious transfers on their account(s), the co-founder of Chainalisys called ShapeShift – the exchange based in Zug which the hackers tried to use, and then the law enforcement started to monitor the situation. Of course, the deal was not made and later, hackers transferred their funds to Monero.

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