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Bitcoin God hard fork activated

According to various media sources, Bitcoin God (do not confuse it with Bitcoin Gold) has been activated at block 501225. This altcoin does not offer revolutionary technologies. It also does not intend to become a testing ground for possible Bitcoin upgrades, as Litecoin and SuperBTC already did.

However, transparent transactions, Lightning Network and 21 million Bitcoin God (GOD) supply has already been confirmed. Another notable feature of this new cryptocurrency is the lack of pre-mining. Poloniex, Gemini and Bittrex are the most popular exchanges in the list of those which will support this altcoin and aim to give an equal amount of GOD to BTC holders.

The project’s future fate fully depends on the team: if they start to introduce something other cryptocurrencies lack, Bitcoin God can enter Coinmarketcap’s Top Ten, but currently this altcoin does not look like a disruptive one. Bitcoin Gold, for example, had an interesting feature which banned big mining rigs, allowing to mine coins just like during the times Satoshi Nakamoto was still actively discussing his creation with the Web users.

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