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Bank of France Successfully Tests Digital Euro

Anna Martynova

The Bank of France announces the successful first test of CBDC based on blockchain technology. The bank claims that for the first time in a series of tests, it was possible to find out whether the digital euro is able to strengthen global financial markets. In the coming weeks, the central bank plans to study how the digital euro works when transferring from one bank to another.

31-03-2020 15:21:50  |   News
The Central Bank of France is following China, which in April announced the start of a serious test of the digital yuan. Recall that the digital euro has been under development since the end of March 2020. At this stage, the Bank of France is looking for an economist with experience in the field of cryptography to manage the CBDC launch.

French regulators have repeatedly criticized cryptocurrencies, but in the process of studying the technology, they changed their rhetoric.

Image courtesy of Finance Yahoo

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