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Top Tips For Bitcoin Casino High Rollers

As a fan and user of Bitcoin currency, you’ll appreciate its distinct advantages over traditional banking methods: it’s ultra-secure, fast, private and comes with low deal costs. These benefits can apply to an ever-widening scope of sectors, but they’re particularly useful in the online casino space.

For high rollers, those players who enjoy large wagers, anonymity is essential. They prefer to remain incognito when playing so that not even staff or associates know how they’re spending their currency. In online casinos and gaming sites that use the usual deposit and withdrawal methods, such as debit or credit cards, or payment processors like PayPal, all your personal details need to be injected into the site.

High rollers don’t like that. The anonymous nature of Bitcoin transactions, however, guards their privacy, with the mechanics of depositing and withdrawing happening behind the scenes on the blockchain. Further advantages include the ability to transfer funds into a casino platform quickly and with minimum fuss – and the same applies for withdrawals.

Find sites with games you want to play

If you fancy trying your luck, it makes sense to shop around for the best high roller casinos in the UK like on bestukcasino.org.uk.

Although you may think they’re all the same, there are significant differences from one online casino to another. Some are more obvious than others, like game selection. Take a look at the site to see what games it offers – does it have a large selection of slot games that you enjoy, including a range of jackpot slots which can pay out millions in prize money (or Bitcoin equivalent).

Perhaps slots are not your thing. You may prefer the more traditional casino games such as roulette or blackjack. What you may not know is that now, online casinos have live dealer tables, a clever mix of reality and online gaming. You see a stream of a real blackjack table and dealer in real-time, and you get to sit down and play!

Even though you’ll be hiding behind a screen name, most online casinos have tables restricted to high rollers only, with a high minimum stake. This has several advantages, not least that you get few players slowing down the action and you can concentrate more and have fun with the dealer, who speaks to you as normal, while you can use the chatbox to reply.

Nearly all platforms now have a wide variety of slots and table games, including live dealer tables, but there are some differences. Check to see who the software provider is behind the games as you might prefer the slick service from NetEnt compared to others.

Look for tempting bonus offers and promotions

Some people might think that genuine high rollers couldn’t care about bonus offers and promotions; they don’t need to make their money go further and they’re just looking for a bit of fun.

But everyone likes a bargain, and to get something for nothing. You’ve heard of the real casinos in Las Vegas laying out the red carpet for high rollers; they give them free luxury rooms in the resort, pick them up from the airport and, in some extreme cases, even tempt them to travel with private jets. High rollers love the attention, and it’s a concept not lost on the online casinos.

While narrowing down your search for a place to play, study what bonus offers and promotions are available. With the amount you might possibly be playing with, these bonuses can soon mount up, making it worthwhile for even the most loaded gambler.

Be safe and secure

Online gaming sites are heavily regulated in various countries around the world. Make sure any site you sign up to is fully licensed with a regulatory body. This gives you confidence that the games are fair, your funds are safe, and the casino meets all strict gaming requirements. And with the capacity for Bitcoin’s computing power recently reaching a new maximum, there’s no excuse for these casinos taking time to pay your funds back when you want.

Know when to take a break

This last piece of advice applies to all casino players but is particularly apt for the high rollers, especially those using Bitcoin to fund their entertainment: know when to stop.

If you’ve been unlucky and gone on a small losing streak, don’t chase your losses. Walk away and come back another time with a clear head. It’s meant to be fun, after all. If you’re playing with a normal currency account, it’s easy to see in black and white how the value of your balance is going up or down. With Bitcoin-funded casinos, you must be comfortable understanding how much your Bitcoin casino account is worth in real money at any given time. You don’t want to accidentally make a large bet using Bitcoin that you might normally be reluctant to place in “real” money.

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