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Trading Bots are Running Wild on Crypto Exchanges

20-03-2019 16:49:54  |   Technology
Cryptocurrency is like dealing every minute and second of the day in a volatile atmosphere with no closing time, unlike the stock market. Since the start of cryptocurrency dealing, the bots have existed to make things stress-free for people who are either new in this business or have other matters to handle while they invest in cryptocurrency exchange.

Through the massively exploding market of cryptocurrency exchange, the role of these smart bots has evolved as well in functionality and sophistication.

What are Trading Bots?

Trading Bots are similar to Wall Street gurus, these are sophisticated computer lineups that execute a trade based on various indicators to recognize trends. Trading bots are a convenience to reduce the risk associated with trading on digital assets. With this evolving industry, more and more advanced software has developed to help investors succeed in this industry.

The trading software has been used in the traditional conventional markets, but now it is becoming mainstream due to the booming cryptocurrency market.

The Future of Trading Bots

05-06-2019 17:44:46  |   News
There are innumerous trading bots ranging from free subscriptions to expensive subscription-based bots for exchange professionals and this industry is continuously on an emerging trend. The future of blockchain networks is still unclear, however trading bots will continue to play a crucial role in minimizing the jeopardies linked with crypto transactions. The crypto trading bot will remain an excellent tool for large transactions for institutions and individual traders.

With the passing time, more and more advancements have been made in this field and are expected to continue considering the cryptocurrency boom.

Advantages of Trading Bots

Trading bots are the solution to have constant interaction in the market. Also, thinking about the benefits of using trading bots, one should question what can they do better than humans? What are the different variables that affect trade? What makes a trader prosperous in the market?

Trading bots are the №1 tool for stress-free trading and emotional stability to deal with the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading and dealings. Being emotionally exposed would not make a successful trader. An emotional trader is likely to make decisions based on excitement and spur of the moment.

Also, being humans we have the likelihood of not following a plan and adhere to it. Trading requires a lot of that; discipline and a clear direction. This is a trait that drives self-control and patience to deal with the continuously changing trends of cryptocurrency trading. The above-mentioned aspects are qualities and controls that you can define with trading bots but not individuals. You can have a strategy integrated based on situations to ensure the right decision at the right time. A trading bot would not fall prey to emotions, fatigue, emotionally drawn because of failure, but rather will continue to perform without diverting from the specified action plan.

Risks associated with using Trading Bots

Whenever you are dealing via the third party, there is always risk involved. Similar is the case with trading bots, as they are software that makes the decision based on some algorithmic calculations while may not taking into account the variables that could possibly impact the outcome or that variable was not added to the calculation.

Trading bots also continue to grow with the growing industry and need continuous improvements to give the best-desired outcome. There may be several other factors like issues with the software, sudden crashes, etc. that may result in losses. So while reliance on trading bots cannot be completely avoided, they surely cannot replace the human intuition and experience. A trading bot can never match the flexibility of human thinking. Due to these human qualities, transactions are made around the clock and fortunes are earned if you took the decision at the right place and at the right time. A trading bot can never deviate from the specified directions based on the changing market dynamics and has to continue to execute based on the guidelines set.


Are trading bots a goldmine? A yes and no, both. The trading bots continue to work successfully in both a growing market and a declining market. There are lots of them out there with smartly outline trading strategies. However, trading bots that promise are likely scams.

There are some bots that have been developed by seasoned traders who are well versed with the intricacies of trading for both short term and long term, but they are not usually shared. So, to continue to be fruitful using trading bots, you need to have a good understanding of trading approaches and should be well aware of changing market developments. With the absence of the required skillset, profitable and successful bot-trading will be temporary.

Image source: unsplash.com

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