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Robototechnics, AI, And Blockchain — Together They Can More

Artificial Intelligence today is a bit different from what we used to imagine when reading science fiction books of the last century. First of all, it was identified with robotics and cybernetic organisms. However, we still are on our way to reach it: robotics and AI were destined to cross inevitably. Earlier, we published material in Bitnewstoday concerning the possible impact of AI and robotics on the labor market. Let's see how the combination of the latest technologies can affect the economy as a whole.

News of the technological breakthroughs

Robot Sophia did not leave the pages of the media in 2018 and even managed to be announced as a speaker at the Malta Blockchain Conference. The development of humanoid robots has achieved incredible success over the past three years.

Sanjid SINGH DANG, a venture capitalist and the AI expert, dwells on this topic in his recent Forbes article, noting that robots will very soon disrupt daily services, entertainment, care for the sick and elderly. From his point of view, the technical tasks that face the developers of humanoid robots are sensors, actuators, interactive communication with people. In addition to Sophia, the Chinese robot Jia Jia and the Japanese Kodomoroid can be mentioned as examples of significant success in approaching the human image. The achievements of these androids are mostly based on replicating human speech and facial expressions. Well, a bit more and they are to start dreaming about electric sheep.

Creative skills with an economic background

While dreaming is still too early, robots can already do some creative work. In October 2018, the painting created by AI was sold at auction at Christie's. "Portrait of Edmond de Belami" was initially estimated in the range from $7,000 to $10,000, and was sold for 432,000 US dollars, and that is just amazing!

Another robot painter, Gaka-Chu, creates pictures for free. Still, he can buy paints, brushes and even pay the electricity bills. The entire process of performing tasks is recorded in the blockchain, which makes the supply chain not only traceable but also allows you to analyze the needs of consumers. The whole process of drawing by Gaka-Chu is also recorded in the blockchain.

This robot is a part of 19W art project which has established "machine conceptualism" — a form of artistic expression in which concepts or ideas take the form of images, where the authorship of ideas belongs to Artificial Intelligence, not to a human.

Gaka-Chu was designed and implemented by Robonomics Network, a platform for integrating autonomous robots into everyday life. Despite minor flaws in performance, the emergence of such a robot is a successful example of the idea of self-sufficient machines acting as independent economic agents. The ability of the device to support itself and to cooperate with other robots and people within the same ecosystem marks a gradual transition to the era of new smart cities.

What else to be happy for recently

Well, for example, for parkour performed by Atlas: Boston Dynamics in 2018 did not slow down, gradually expanding the abilities of the locomotor system of their robots. The four-legged pets of the company became so popular across the whole world, but did you know that in 2018 the competitor emerged — ANYmal, created by Swiss startup ANYbotics?

ANYmal has been carrying out inspection tasks for a week on one of the world's largest offshore platforms in the North Sea. The work included examining several control points, within the framework of which the robot checked various sensors, levers, the level of oil and water, and made other measurements. Well, it seems the time has finally come to think about turning to luddites?

Image courtesy of Business Insider

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