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Religious Relics to be Turned into NFTs, Metars Palace is the Best Place to Visit


Portugal’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML), a 500-year-old charitable organization with a massive collection of Catholic art, will soon release some pieces as NFTs. This is showing the trend of combining religious sites in the metaverse world. Under this background, Metars is created to combine art galleries and religious sites in the metaverse world, aiming to build a source of faith, freedom, and an open world built by all.

Metars is the first NFT platform with religious art as the theme, and for all fans who love religion. Matars wishes to build a crystallization of human civilization with the support of VR technology, and will finally display the greatest works of art with the most religious, divine and human enlightenment values in human history. By cooperating with many world-renowned religious artists to create and publish religious art NFTs, Metars will introduce their works for sale or auction, and then gradually develop into a completely free open world through the joint construction of all residents.

All the greatest artworks with the most religious, divine and human enlightenment values in history will be displayed in Metars Palace, in which users can join in the creation and vote. Users can also pick the most representative artworks, and the Metars team will finally select the part with the most likes to negotiate copyright authorization and display them in the commonplace of belief, civilization, and enlightenment. Starting from Metars gallery, every resident builds together and gradually develops into a completely free open world.

According to the roadmap of Metars, in the coming future, Metars will cooperate with 50 artists, institutions and galleries around the world to introduce a variety of excellent digital artworks for sale and support multiple public chains, including OKExChain, BNBchain, and Ethereum.

It is worth mentioning that Metars is completely decentralized, and all users vote together to select the artwork they want to buy the copyright. We look forward to the open world built freely and jointly by all Metars residents.

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