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Metaplan and the New Era of GameFi


Denis Goncharenko

In a bid to advance a three-pronged value proposition to users: “Free to Play", "Play to Earn", and "User-Generated Content to Earn", the MetaPlan team have joined forces with the brains behind GameFi to create the next generation financial education model with an infusion of the Gen-Z fun!

“GameFi is the all-encompassing hub for game finance. The platform services blockchain tion business game. Together, these global brands have created an era of financial and investment education with a much-appreciated newer generation entertainment. gamers, investors, and traders in one Guild and Aggregator alongside a launch”.

Metaplan’s “the Last Country” is the leading blockchain simula.

Brief Overview of the Metaplan Series

Metaplan currently has three series: “The Last Country”, “The Last Journey” and “The Last Planet”. The Last Country is the series’ very first CMS-operated game run in an imaginary post-apocalyptic universe. The play-to-earn incentive is used in this first series as players get to earn tokens and NFTs as rewards. These incentives are a means of generating revenue, and better still they can be used as credentials on the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The Last Country is one of its kind especially in the construction and management simulation game industry, what is more, the Metaplan Last Country is a breakthrough game that utilizes live business management events in the DAO in-game. Users get to create an account for easy and trade the NFT items and tokens they acquire by engaging in the game.

Metaplan’s the Last Country

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the economic model remains a relatively complete in-game model great for ensuring the sustainability of different levels of players to wit: Newbies, Intermediate and Competitive players.

Commencing at newbie stage, players are immediately welcomed with an identity game character and gold, for their level, immediately after creating an account and an attendant blockchain wallet. This is the stage for players to learn all they can about the construction management simulation.

At the second stage “Intermediate Stage” it is expected that players should have collected a sizeable number of buildings, several sophisticated game characters and are no more novices when it comes to more advanced investment plans. With greater incentives comes advanced difficulties as players advance in the game.

You can already imagine that the competitive stage comes with expectedly cutting-edge difficulties, and more opportunities for increased levels of revenue. Players who make it to this stage rightly earn the credentials to participate in and govern the DAO in-game.

It appears that Metaplan’s breakthrough game series is set to scale in this new era of crypto/blockchain-based gaming industry as the next in the series: The Last Journey and the Last Planet are set to even disrupt the gaming industry further. The game’s value proposition helps to easily reach the right audience: game-mania players and shrewd investment-focused users, which has higher requirements for the in-game economy. In all, Cheers to GameFi 2.0, and to an era of investment-backed and fun gaming.

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