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Is Dual Mining Relevant in 2021?

Dual mining is a method that could give you not only one, but two crypto coins per one mining iteration. This method was popular in 2017. At that time, the difficulty of mining had increased while the cost of coins was falling. Therefore, miners started looking for a new approach to keep their business profitable. But is this method worth dealing with in 2021?

The Best Pair Of Cryptos For Dual Mining

Cryptocurrency is a very fast changing sphere. The things that were relevant back in 2017 are no more profitable nowadays. For example, in the beginning of dual mining people often used Claymore to mine Ethereum, Musicoin or Expanse with Decred, SiaCoin or Pascal.
But now this set of things will not help you to get a decent amount of coins.

Not every cryptocurrency could be paired with each other. Different algorithms require different calculation centers in GPUs in work, so if two crypto uses the same center, the speed will be falling. But if a pair is picked correctly, one graphic card can mine two coins with the same speed and hash rate as for single crypto.

To choose the perfect couple, you should also look for current hash rate and cost. For example, for Zilliqa the most relevant numbers are displayed on https://k1pool.com/pool/zil.
Experts suggest choosing Ethereum as the first coin because of its stable growth and high profitability. The best pairs for ETH are:

How Can I Start Dual Mining

First of all, you need good mining software. The most relevant one at that time is T-Rex. It is highly optimized for the mining process, especially with Nvidia cards. It supports popular algorithms and takes only 1% devfee.

There is also such an option as LolMiner, which is perfect for AMD cards. GMiner is a universal software that could be good for versatile types of cards. After downloading and launching the program, you need to set up the .bat file according to your rig and coins. (click on following link to read the detailed guide https://k1pool.com/blog/eth-and-zil-dual-mining-double-profit)

You can mine in dual mode in solo, but it probably will not pay off. Nowadays the most profitable way to mine dual crypto is through joining a mining pool. Working together, the process of completing the blocks is faster and therefore more profitable.

One of the best pools for mining is https://k1pool.com/pool/eth .. It supports dual mining and provides a fair system of rewards, such as RBPPS+, PPLNS and SOLO.

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