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White House directly supports blockchain

Donald Trump’s administration has previously shown the interest for blockchain in some official documents, but now the officials from Washington openly voice support for the technology that, as we all know, is a base for any cryptocurrency and has a wide range of other practical uses.

Data Transparency 2017, a conference on the importance of open information, has had two speakers from the White House who advocated blockchain: Margie Graves, acting federal chief info officer at the Office of Management and Budget, and Chris Liddell, the assistant to the president and director of strategy at the White House.

Margie Graves sees beneficial opportunities for the White House in the latest blockchain and artificial intelligence technological advancements, while Chris Liddell pointed out that current reforms taken by the White House must not hamper the future technology implementation after the current President leaves the White House. As such, these reforms must be well planned. Liddell also noted that be it blockchain, AI or other innovations, the White House must do everything in its power to keep in touch with current data standardization trends.

As seen from the news, Trump, while being a conservative himself, often picks digital era enthusiasts and experienced analysts as advisers and never misses the opportunity to use latest technologies. Some reports suggested that his presidential company was, too, very sophisticated with the use of latest social media targeting technologies – a tool to reach the audience he desired to speak to.

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