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This simple U.S. law may accelerate U.S. Army blockchainization

A new American law that can potentially upgrade the computer systems of the U.S. public sector, might be signed by President Donald Trump very soon. CoinDesk tells more about this.

The thing about cost savings in American state bodies was that they necessarily had to give them to the Treasury. Now they are allowed to spend these funds on meeting the following three needs: cybersecurity, cloud technologies and "other innovative platforms and technologies."

Trey Hodgkins, a high-ranking official in Washington and senior vice president of public sector at the Information Technology Industry Council, has told the aforementioned cryptocurrency outlet that yes, blockchain is quite suitable for this vague “other innovative platforms” term and Congress definitely had blockchain and its modifications in mind. They wanted to give the public sector more money to improve digitally, Mr. Hodgkins concludes.

As noted by many observers, this Modernizing Government Technology Act, being a part of the National Defense Authorization Act, can potentially give the United States Army an option to use blockchain more in the future, but this doesn’t mean they are going to move everything on the blockchain tomorrow.

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