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Theresa May: we should be looking at cryptocurrencies very seriously

In her recent interview to Bloomberg, Theresa May explicitly mentioned cryptocurrency and the regulation of this kind of finance.

“We should be looking at them very seriously”, stated the Prime Minister of Great Britain in response to inquiry about digital currencies and further explained that criminals use them more and more often. In connection to Brexit, Theresa May believes that exiting from the European Union could give Great Britain more room in trade relations, including trade relations with foreign tech companies.

British banks have similar views and do not wish to cooperate with cryptocurrency-related businessmen, as described in older reports from this country.

Cryptocurrency governmental regulation has become a visible hot topic during this season, with governments of France, Germany, America and Russia each either proposing international-scale rules or developing domestic legislation variations. In the former three countries, officials decided to meet at the upcoming G20 summit and each will propose what to do with cryptocoins on the global level. In the latter country, the discussion between governmental agencies is still going on, which cannot be said about many other legislative initiatives in the country often implemented swiftly.

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