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The United States authorities actively researching blockchain solutions

The group of American congressmen is developing a legal framework for blockchain applications. They seek to improve security of such apps. Pat Tiberi (who is a chairman of the House Joint Economis Committee) and David Schweikert, the co-chairman of Congressional Blockchain Caucus, discussed their work in the podcast called Main Street Economics and told that the U.S. authorities engage with different institutes, including but not limited to the MIT and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), to know for sure what to do with these new technologies which just appeared on the scene and which standards are most applicable.

Schweikert described the possibilities that blockchain opens up for society and different spheres of service, namely healthcare, and told that they are currently developing a blockchain app dedicated to this sphere. “We may have just done this,” he said.

“It is our job as members of Congress… to embrace and in some ways evangelize what these things could mean for economic growth and society,” he added later. The Congressional Blockchain Caucus views this to be its primary objective, stressed Mr. Schweikert.

Good to know that the most powerful government in the world, whose lawmakers often provide experience to lawmakers in other countries, is aiming to use blockchain and implement it where it would be helpful and optimizing. This means that other governments will follow the trend and do the same a bit later.

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