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Taiwan’s MaiCoin founder: mainland violated “do no harm” principle with crypto regulation

29 January 2018 21:00, UTC

In the recent interview with one of the major financial outlets Alex Liu, founder of MaiCoin and also its chief executive, expressed his serious doubts about the necessity of measures imposed by the Chinese government. As he insists, Taiwan must behave absolutely contrariwise and become the republic of cryptography.

Alex Liu said this while also admitting to the journalist that there were frauds in this sphere, especially in the field of initial coin offerings or ICOs, which makes the actions of the Chinese officials more understandable.

The regulatory sandbox law of December 29th last year has established a new playground for cryptocurrency-related projects, reminded the businessman when asked about the regulatory framework in his country. He concluded by saying that overall, the local parliament does not want to upset the younger generation and thus looks towards more friendly atmosphere to the cryptocurrency field.

Previously it became known that Taiwanese officials were not going to blindly copy the regulative measures the neighbor countries imposed on initial coin offerings and one can state with certainty that they had not lie about this.