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Russian Finance Ministry prepares another cryptocurrency legislation draft

The draft law on cryptocurrency and related trading has been created in the Russian FinMin and will be reviewed in the State Duma of the Russian Federation relatively soon, told Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov in his interview to Russia 24 TV channel. This correlates with older reports in which the Russian authorities are reviewing the scenario when the crypto trading is not prohibited for qualified investors, and this exact measure is within this new draft.

One should remember that this law is not the only one sent to the Russian Parliament for review. At least one more bill created by the Russian private firms has been created this autumn. One should not exclude the possibility of more drafts coming soon. The legal analysis by the members of Parliament and its results will be conducted later.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring Republic of Belarus, the President of this country has already approved the bill which has been prepared by independent private firms too, and thus he made the country he leads one of the regional leaders when it comes to the liberal legislation towards cryptocurrency.

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