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Quebec Regulator Announced New Rules For Crypto Mining

The energy regulator of the province of Quebec in Canada. Régie de l'énergie announced new rules for cryptocurrency mining, according to a press release by the electricity provider Hydro-Quebec.

According to the new rules, the regulator ordered Hydro-Quebec to allocate 300 MW of energy for the needs of the blockchain industry. To enter the list of miners to gain access to electricity, it is necessary to pass a preliminary selection on four criteria: the number of jobs created in Quebec, the payroll of direct jobs, the total amount of investments and heat recovery.

“This 300 MW will be in addition to the 158 MW already granted to existing customers approved by Hydro-Quebec, and to the 210 MW granted to existing customers approved by municipal distributors,”

the announcement of Hydro-Quebec further explains. It is noted that the new mechanism of energy supply of miners will allow the supplier to maintain low tariffs for consumers.

Image courtesy of BBA.ca

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