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Paris Hilton unknowingly promoted an ICO owned by a former domestic abuser

Paris Hilton became one of celebrities involved in the cryptocurrency market after she wrote on Twitter about her intention to participate in the initial coin offering by the name of LydianCoin, adding the hashtag #ThisIsNotAnAd. Yeah, right, it’s totally not…

It all seemed to be regular crypto market news, as sometimes celebrities are promoting financial activities and some already endorsed the cryptocurrency concept. However, Paris Hilton was unfortunate in choosing the object of promotion, because as reports suggest, the head of the parent company of this LydianCoin startup, was previously involved in domestic violence and discrimination lawsuits from former employees. His name is Gurbasksh Chahal, and the outlet reporting this information about his past crimes is respectable Forbes.

The company planned to attract a hundred million dollars, but after this info arrival, Paris Hilton has begun to distance herself from this ICO and deleted that tweet. However, it is still cited in the older reports.

Looks like no matter how rich an investor or an advertiser can be, it’s always better to check the history of the person/entity you invest in or promote.

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