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Optioment crypto fraudsters who stole $115 million alarm Interpol

Optioment, a Bitcoin fund which turned out to be nothing more than a fraud, is now one of the biggest criminal financial investigations currently conducted by the authorities of Austria. Interpol also takes part in the investigation by the request of Vienna, the organization has provided assistance in the process of searching stolen funds and, of course, people behind the fraudulent enterprise.

Denmark, Latvia and Germany are the countries in which Interpol is now trying to find the organizers of this firm which has stolen a sum totalling to $115 million.

It is worth mentioning that the scheme was promoted by the “three Musketeers” across Europe, and after the press contacted them to find out what they think now that it’s apparent Optioment is a fraud, their representatives told that the advertisers were tricked by the organization into thinking it was legal.

In general, the organization could have been detected as a pyramid by careful investors even during the times it was still considered trustworthy: the promise of high returns relatively shortly after depositing the money is usually a red flag. And the factor of the type of money - fiat or cryptocurrency - does not make here any difference.

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