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Japanese airline to accept Bitcoin payments

06 February 2018 21:00, UTC

Peach Aviation, an airline based in Japan, is not abandoning its plans to accept Bitcoin simply due to the hack of Coincheck and rumors on probable regulation tightening, Bloomberg reports. This aviation-related company will be the first one to accept this digital currency in Japan.

The market’s volatility sometimes caused companies to disable Bitcoin payments, but as it seems for now, this is not the case with Peach. Last year, another airline company has demonstrated interest towards blockchain. But due to the local legislative restrictions (S7 operates in Russia), the company never considered using Bitcoin.

Air France, while not accepting Bitcoin too, is planning to use blockchain for shipping plane replacement parts. Bitcoin as a legal means of payment in Japan is currently anomalous in comparison to other state legislative structures, which perfectly explains why of all blockchain-connected projects mentioned above only a Japanese company decided to directly use Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s price, still too high even after the drop, makes the sums in it confusing for customers. This is why “Bits”, smaller units of Bitcoin, have been proposed in January, but judging by the current news background, the initiative has not received general appraisal.