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Hackers steal a million dollars from BeeToken

01 February 2018 21:00, UTC

Bitnewstoday already described a scenario in which the initial coin offering, while not being a fraud itself, attracts malefactors who externally influence the target audience of the ICO. This is a similar case: BeeToken, a harmless project connected with blockchain innovations, became a subject of phishing email messages which, as the screenshots demonstrate, could indeed dupe even cautious people:

Note that there are almost no grammatical mistakes, which can often be met in the phishing messages. The hackers use the social engineering tactics and encourage investors to send Ethereum to their wallets in exchange for non-existent bonuses. No wonder some people bought this, especially considering the fact that this happened simultaneously with the launch of the real ICO. As told by one of the major technological websites, hackers attracted almost half of the sum the ICO founders did.

Unlike the managers from the aforementioned previous example, the founders of BeeToken do not talk about compensations - presumably due to the fact that in the case with Experty it was a small group of wealthy investors that suffered.