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Gibraltar legalized ICO exactly as intended

“Gibraltar plans to establish the legislative framework on previously unregulated ICOs from January 2018” - wrote Bitnewstoday in September 2017. Looks like the government of this country has managed to totally fulfill their plans, as the legislative framework not only has been developed, it already works since January the 1st.

ICO investors who decided to work in Gibraltar should know that this legislation was developed with a clear goal of providing friendly atmosphere for them, although there is a requirement to consult with the local authorities on what they call the Digital Ledger Technology.

Some media outlets highlight the fact that Gibraltar is the first ever jurisdiction to regulate ICOs, although the United States already decided tokens are equal to securities, while China and South Korea completely banned them. Probably, the reporters meant that this is the first ICO legislation that is dedicated purely to such offerings and does not ban them completely.

Initial coin offerings are often criticized for their extreme riskiness, and the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, once stated that 90% of current ICOs would fall. In a way, he considers them a bubble.

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