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FSB offers its own blockchain standards

The representatives of Russian state security services who participate in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) want to offer their own cryptographic solutions. It has become known to the Russian Vedomosti outlet who cites the member of the ISO, the deputy head of Infoteks laboratory, Maxim Shevchenko.

He told that the group of Russian delegates at the Sydney blockchain summit held in April was headed by Grigoriy Marshalko, who himself confirmed that he is the representative of the FSB in the Rosstandart’s Cryptography Standartization committee. He didn’t, however, confirm his membership in the ISO.

Another member of Russian delegation in the ISO, Alexei Urivsky, explained that the main goal of specialists from Russia is to implement Russian encryption algorithms in international blockchain standards. He told that without certified methods of electronic signature the Russian state departments will not be able to use blockchain. “There must be no Western cryptography in it,” he categorically stated.

Andrey Soldatov, the author of the book titled Batlle for Runet, tells that this all is being done to make Russian users choose Russian blockchain systems.

Vladimir Putin, the current Russian President, expressed his interest in blockchain in June. According to the Vice PM Igor Shuvalov, he “became very obsessed with this issue”. This technology, the Russian authorities believe, might help to create a platform that will correctly identify personality, connect bank operations, state services and improve security of ownership rights, as well as state security in general.

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