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Cryptocurrency portal founder’s home searched by Security Service of Ukraine

According to various media outlets, the rental apartment of Anatoly Kaplan (Klimov), founder of ForkLog, has been searched by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) in connection with the case regarding money laundering. Another company he created has allegedly been used by some unspecified criminals who stole money from credit cards and converted the local currency into cryptocoins.

The attorneys of Mr. Kaplan tell that the SSU did not have necessary permission to conduct any activities with the cryptocurrency assets or transfer them elsewhere — and they tried, after this Mr. Kaplan decided to call the police. Meanwhile in Odessa, ForkLog’s office has been searched as well, and among other confiscated things (mostly computers) there was a bottle of rum, reports say. Unclear why the SSU thought this drink is connected to the investigation.

The current legal status of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine is that they are neither forbidden nor allowed, but the court ruling states they are “surrogate money”. Mr. Kaplan, if his company called Mining Factory mentioned in the ruling did not do anything unlawful, has good chances to defend himself if he keeps in touch with the press.

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