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Coinbase implements SegWit and says: we are going to give IRS the data of 13,000 users, but it’s good

The big cryptocurrency exchange called Coinbase will give the personal data of 13,000 user accounts to the United States Internal Revenue Service. Only those users who have to pay taxes for the IRS are affected, so if a reader of this text is, for example, a citizen of Great Britain, there are no reasons to worry.

Simultaneously with this measure, the cryptocurrency company declares it is still good news. While at first this might seem an inadequate comment, one must not remember that the initial demand of the IRS contained a much bigger number of users - 500 thousand.

Coinbase and its relations with the Internal Revenue Service have already appeared in the previous reports of Bitnewstoday. This behavior of Coinbase towards the regulator comes from a court ruling of the last year. The court in America decided that it is the IRS who was right in that case, and since then, Coinbase does not want to argue with the authorities again.

In more positive news about Coinbase, this platform together with GDAX has recently implemented the full support of SegWit, a financial blockchain protocol, which means faster Bitcoin transactions for the users of the services of both organizations.

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