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Buterin opposes Russian state isolation from cryptocurrency market

Seeing the news from Russia, Vitalik Buterin, who himself originates from this country, has decided to break his usual modesty about the Russian governmental initiatives – the reason of this is quite simple if we remember that Ethereum is currently cooperating with organizations close to Russian government.

Two days ago, Mr. Buterin posted his view of the news that some Russian businesses who are friends with the Russian government urge the officials to use only domestic cryptocurrency. Looks like Russian businessmen are trying to erase the competitiveness with most popular cryptocurrencies in advance of issuing their own. Buterin, while perfectly aware of this, tells there is no such thing as “foreign” and “domestic” cryptocurrency, as Ethereum is based in at least ten of them.

This is still a call from an organization of businessmen, and officials responsible for cryptocurrency research tell the following (as cited by Bitcoin.com news portal):

“I’m not sure that it is technically possible to separate the sale of cryptocurrencies, for example, by Russian companies… from foreign cryptocurrencies, so regarding the ban – this is a technically impossible thing, in my opinion.”

The final decision about digital currencies in Russia will be taken next year.

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