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Bitcoin Gold team plans new hard fork to prevent 51% attacks

Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency developers are going to release a new protocol update relatively soon, as witnessed from an announcement published this week. The biggest change will be a new set of measures aimed at the future prevention of 51% attacks.

13-09-2019 14:30:12  |   Investments

The need for these measures has become clear for the cryptocurrency community after Bitcoin Gold has suffered from a 51% attack. During such attacks, hackers intercept more than a half of network resources and can get digital currency unfairly fast through different manipulation techniques.

The new hard fork will not produce any new altcoins, which is good for the future of Bitcoin Gold community in the long term. When Bitcoin Cash emerged, some old school Bitcoin developers have become supporters of a rival currency.

Notably, the team vows to improve the security of their project in the future, while also noting that other cryptocurrencies have suffered from the same type of attack too. There is a hint that BTG team wants to combine its anti-hack efforts with other victims of the recent wave of hacks.

The exact date of the hard fork has not been announced yet, although one can be certain it will appear in their social media in the following weeks.

Image: Depositphotos

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