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Bitcoin and Ethereum fall amidst the words of South Korean justice minister

Multiple media sources confirm that Bitcoin started to fall this Thursday after the statement of South Korea’s justice minister who, as Joseph Young, cryptocurrency journalist, put it, has caused a bombardment of the Blue House (local head of state residence similar to the White House in the United States) with angry messages. This happened because the statement contained implications that the exchange trading will be banned.

However, these are still only words and implications, and at the press time (11 January 2018, 7:03 AM UTC) it is still too premature to say “South Korea bans cryptocurrency trading”.

Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin has moved down from $14 thousand dollars yesterday to $13,500 today, which cannot be called something we did not see - falls and jumps by a thousand dollars is a thing the price of Bitcoin experienced many times before.

Ethereum, however, dropped two times farther than Bitcoin if one compares percentage (-11.17% vs Bitcoin’s -5.67%, both in 24 hours). But when it comes to its actual price per coin, it costs $1,208.76, which is still a big value in comparison to what the community saw in December. Keep in mind that the downfall of both currencies may continue after publishing this material.

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