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Barbarian financing: woman arrested in US for sending bitcoins to ISIS

Usually, when officials say about Bitcoin being used for financing of terrorism, they don’t have any proofs — and they actually don’t have to. But we have not seen many examples of such Bitcoin-related activities in the media, because apparently, the fight of the law enforcement with ISIS, a terrorist group that is completely illegal in the United States, Russia and all other civilized countries, is going behind the scenes when it comes to illicit finance.

But recently we got a look into the ongoing battle of law enforcement agencies and ISIS lackeys. One of those who sent money to the terrorists has been arrested in the United States. Her name is Zoobi Shahnaz and she is 27 years old. She was involved in fraudulent schemes connected with bank loans and credit cards, and all she acquired as a result was converted to Bitcoin and sent to the thugs of ISIS so that they could bring more misery to this world.

Zoobi Shahnaz is very likely to spend 50 years in prison, as 30 of them will be a charge for bank frauds, and additional 20 - for money laundering. While there can be disputes about whether Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to see Bitcoin in its current state and if Bitcoin Cash really corresponds with his vision more, one can be sure this case does not correspond with his idea of finance at all.

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