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What do internet users would like to know about cryptocurrencies?

Margareth Nail

Nowadays according to the Google Trends requests on cryptocurrencies are at the peak of their popularity in search engines. A genuine interest to a subject of cryptocurrency stems most likely from an increase of the value of bitcoin and other altcoins and a rapid growth of an information about cryptocurrencies. During the second half of last year the most business media at least once published an article devoted to cryptocurrencies.

Pic. Dynamics of popularity of cryptocurrency requests
Source: Google Trends

Bitnewstoday.ru has attempted to identify what type of information on cryptocurrency is the most interesting for internet users. For this purpose, by means of Semrush.com users’ requests which contained a word “cryptocurrency” from twelve countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Mexico and Russia were analyzed.

A table below provides users’ requests which contained a word “cryptocurrency” divided into topics.

Request  topic%
General Information 65,66%
Investments/ Purchase/Sales 10,88%
What cryptocurrencies exist, including 9,43%
Bitcoin 2,04%
Etherium 0,29%
Ripple 0,25%
Mining 5,49%
Market 2,95%
Wallet 1,38%
News and blogs 0,92%
Games 0,17%
Applications 0,16%
Cryptocurrency bank 0,16%
Scams 0,09%

Table – Requests topics
Source: Bitnewstoday.com according to Semrush.com

What is a cryptocurrency?

As shown in the table, the majority of requests (65,6%) focus on a general information about cryptocurrencies, whereas about 8% of users just ask search engines “What is cryptocurrency”; 7,5% simply type words “cryptocurrency” or “cryptocurrencies”. 6,5% of analyzed users’ requests were dedicated to a start of the cryptocurrency development with a phrase “start a cryptocurrency”.

Approximately 6% of internet users asked a question “why cryptocurrency”? Some users looked for an explanation of cryptocurrencies in simple terms and searched for “cryptocurrencies for dummies”. Some users were interested in “how do cryptocurrencies work”.

What cryptocurrencies do exist on the market?

The second popular group of questions (9,43%) include users’ search for “cryptocurrencies list” etc. About 1% of users would like to know what new cryptocurrencies are available on the market. About 0,5% users search for the best cryptocurrency.

An information regarding the cryptocurrency Bitcoin search about 2% of users, the cryptocurrency Ethereum – 0,29%, the cryptocurrency Ripple – 0,25%. It should be pointed out that these three cryptocurrencies are TOP leaders of the capitalization level.

To invest in a cryptocurrency

Approximately 10,88% of requests are focused on questions of investments in cryptocurrencies. Internet users would like to know how and where to buy cryptocurrencies, how to sell them and how to invest in them. More than 3 % of requests are dedicated to the value of cryptocurrencies.

How to “make” a cryptocurrency

The fifth popular group include requests regarding cryptocurrency mining. More than 1,5% of users search for “how to make a cryptocurrency” or “make a cryptocurrency”. About 1% of users would like to find out which cryptocurrency is the best to mine and which cryptocurrency is easy to mine. Besides users are also interested in a mining profitability calculation and therefore search for a cryptocurrency mining calculator.

The cryptocurrency market

Almost 3% of users search for an information regarding the cryptomarket including the capitalization of cryptocoins. The rest of requests are about how to get a cryptowallet (1,38%), where to watch the news and blogs about cryptocurrencies (0,92%), how to use cryptocurrencies in games (0,17%), what cryptocurrencies applications are available (0,16%). Some requests (0,09%) are focused on cryptocurrencies scam problems.

It is obvious from these results that the subject of a cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular, however the majority of users only start learning what cryptocurrencies are. At the same time about 20% of requests are more advanced and dedicated to such serious topics as mining, an investment in cryptocurrencies and the capitalization of cryptocoins.

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