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WEX: old BTC-e design and functions, new brand

Clearly trying to rebuild its image, the BTC-e exchange closed due to the FBI investigation changes its brand to WEX, although it specifically states that it does not have any connections with BTC-E Always Efficient LLP. How can it be assumed that the website has the same authors as BTC-e? The answer lies on the Twitter account of BTC-e: “let's go trade! subscribe to @WEXnz for further updates,” laconically announces the company’s SMM.

As for the new exchange, its general mechanics and trading pairs did not change. Even the design looks similar to the old site – the BTC-e owners have missed a great opportunity to reboot or upgrade it. The site launched a token program to attract more users, offers the BTC-e veterans access to their funds and accounts, although it’s impossible they could have returned all that was confiscated by the FBI after that disastrous Vinnik case.

Anyway, the statement on the website thanks all BTC-e ex-users for their patience and tells that the team tried to rebuild the exchange in shortest time period possible, which might explain why they didn’t bother to improve the archaic design.

The chat of the new website has inherited the user arguments, although now they are mostly about the problems of the owners with the law enforcement. During the short period of BTC-e comeback under its old brand, the chat was overloaded with complaints about the exchange engine not working properly, so the current situation might have become better. By the way, that site (btc-e.nz) now redirects to wex.nz, so one can seriously doubt WEX’s claims that it’s not connected with BTC-E Always Efficient LLP.

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