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Weiss Ratings Suggests That Skype Can Integrate XRP

Independent agency Weiss Ratings suggests that XRP can be integrated into Skype. This step can be very positive for the entire crypto and digital currency market: the integration will allow 300 mln users of XRP TipBot to exchange messages. Currently, XRP TipBot can be used on various platforms such as Outlook, Reddit, Twitter or Gmail.

20-02-2019 09:54:59  |   News
The discussion of possible integration with Skype started with a question from one of the XRP community members on the Skype forum a few weeks ago. The user shared the idea of ​​introducing micropayments to Skype, allowing users to buy Skype Credits using TipRot XRP, as well as send funds via Skype.

The response from the Skype company contained the following:
“Cryptocurrency micropayments sounds really cool right. Like any other leading technology company, Microsoft is already testing blockchain. Although I don’t have any information about cryptocurrency adoption for Skype or any other MS product, please keep continuing supporting this idea. I will share it with our teams.”
The post received over 2,000 votes on the forum, demonstrating great support from the XRP community.

Image courtesy by KoinMedya

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