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VeChain To On-Board Deloitte

VeChain project announced a cooperation with Deloitte: the consulting giant will develop solutions for the VeChainThor network, deciding to switch from Ethereum. The news was unveiled at the VeChain Summit 2019 in San Francisco.

The event featured a demonstration of the VeChainThor features — how the network can be used for applications and innovative solutions, such as ToolChain. Also, it became known that Antonio SENATORE, blockchain global CTO at Deloitte, will join the VeChain advisory board.

13-02-2019 14:20:49  |   Investments
Deloitte is not the only Big Four company that is working on the development of the blockchain. Pricewaterhouse Coopers also collaborates with VeChain to create blockchain solutions. Ernst and Young and KPMG are not lagging as well: they introduce blockchain technology into their business too.

The VeChain project achieved significant success in 2019, developing partnerships and offering attractive solutions for companies such as ToolChain, as well as integrating NFC chips into Adidas sneakers. Attracting Deloitte to work with VeChainThor stimulates the project development potential.

Image courtesy of Masternode Buzz

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