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Тron (TRX) Gains Leadership In The Number Of DApp Users

19 February 2019 09:08, UTC

The Tron platform, the longtime competitor of Ethereum in the decentralized applications’ development and use, has become the leader in terms of the total number of users as well as active users of dApps. This was announced by Tron’s CEO, Justin SUN in his Twitter post.

05-06-2018 00:00:00  |   Guest posts
The information came from DappReview, one of the leading rating websites which analyzes decentralized applications. According to the data, during the past two months, Tron had 267,000 users. This is the highest number, followed by EOS and Ethereum with 197,000 and 151,000 users respectively — over the same period. Tron also had the largest number of active users: it’s 16,236; then comes EOS with 13,845 and Ethereum with 2133.

Last year, Justin SUN stated that Tron’s main aim was to outperform Ethereum in the development of decentralized applications and smart contracts. The team acquired BitTorrent, launched several new projects, and signed a number of partnership agreements with major industry players. Consequently, the next step is the rivalry with Ethereum in the field of smart contracts.

19-04-2018 00:00:00  |   Regulation
However, Ethereum is not going to give up so easily. After several failures, it is possible that Constantinople update will take place by the end of February. The recent price spike of ETH may be related to the upcoming update.

Image courtesy of Tronspark