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Trending Trinity Weekly (December, 3-7)

The first official December week is now gone by and it’s time to recall the most interesting and hence the most-viewed posts that got your attention. This week’s compilation contains not only articles written by our regular writers, but guest contributions as well. So, let’s start!

#3 - G20: Generals Are Preparing For The War That Has Passed

The recent G20 summit in Argentina has left more questions than answers regarding the crypto regulation. Only some kind of intentions were recorded in the final document. Oleg Koldayev is sure that the emerging market will not wait for the unhurried politicians and is going to find its own way to meet the growing demand. The author also proves his point of view with some relevant analogies from the modern history. The story has gained almost 4900 views by now and is definitely a great opener for our chart.

#2 - South Korea: Promoting A New Bill To Pass The FATF exam

We keep getting back to Korea as there’s a lot happening on the legal field these days. The country’s high expectations on blockchain sector have resulted in another strategic document called “The Digital Asset Trading Promotion Act.” Anastasia Ermolaeva collected all the possible information about the bill that was recently presented by Kim SUN-DONG and pointed out the most important provisions of the document. What is the reason of such a rapid rate of legislation renewal in South Korea? Find out in our story.

#1 - Trillion Dollar Security Token Economy Awaits Its Constantine Moment

This week’s leading article is a guest contribution by Charles Voltron. The story has gained 5200+ views for this short period of time. So he definitely hit the bull's eye with this one! This is a great observation on the current crypto market status from a real digital economy enthusiast and expert. The post contains his exclusive comments, predictions and, again, a brilliant historical analogy with a Constantine the Great. Let’s dive into reading once again applaud to the great imagination of the writer.

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