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Trending Trinity Weekly (August, 27-31)

Ian Marchewski

It’s time to look at the counters of our website and present some of the most popular posts of the week. As usual we only select those articles that were chosen by you and got the highest number of views. Here you are!

#1 - DLT: How To Make Money on Freedom of Speech

While Mark Zuckerberg is considering the possibility of integrating cryptocurrencies into Facebook, others are already doing that. There are already several projects of social networks based on the blockchain technology and their implementation does not seem so far off. We witness the growing pressure on freedom of speech and emerging Internet censorship all over the world, so the idea of decentralized social networks is literally in the air. Don't refuse yourself in taking a look at the uncertain future of social networks and check out this brilliant article by Oleg Koldaev if you still haven't. Worth reading definitely.

#2 - More than 1$ bln lost. What can you learn from it?

Hacking. Hacking. Hacking. We hear about it more and more often and the word has already become a routine for most of us. Scams, fake ICOs and crypto exchanges, cloud mining... How can we avoid that and keep our digital assets safe and sound? Anastasia Ermolaeva spoke to Cryptology's Herbert SIM who shared a lot of helpful recommendations on digital security. So shut your doors and windows, turn off the lights... Wait! Just click here to learn more about the security online and never be fooled.

#3 - Mister Novo As a Mirror of Socio-Economic Darwinism

Traders, financial analysts, bitcoin evangelists, CEOs - lets call them "Influencers". They all have a huge impact on what is happening in the cryptosphere. This story is about one of them, a veteran on the financial world and the original bitcoin millionaire, Michael Novogratz (Novo). Daniil Danchenko tried to create his detailed profile describing all the notable stages of his career. And he succeeded at that! According to your clicks and visits, this material is ranked #3 this week.

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