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Trending Trinity Weekly, 20-24 of August

Ian Marchewski

Weekend time is when we look at our website stats and pick the most popular articles on Bitnewstoday in our weekly edition of Trending Trinity. And though most of you have already  read these posts, we’re here to remind about them again just in case. Let’s take a glance at the leaders of this week!

#1 - $500 Million — The Price of The Islamic Economy Global Expansion

Wow! This article has soared quickly. More than 14500 views just in 24 hours. Not a surprise actually. This is a brilliant research by Oleg Koldaev and Catherine Lange telling us about the emerging cryptomarket of the Islamic world. This is where religious traditions meet progress and hi-tech. What tokens will be welcomed by muslims? Which of them will face zero tolerance?  Learn more in this interesting study.

#2 - One More Statement: From Thailand Now

Yes, Thailand has finally announced its intention to create own digital cryptocurrency. Ann Sotnikova looked through the statement of country’s Central Bank and took her chance to highlight the most important points. Will this Thai token become real? Who knows. But the thing we know for certain is that this material has gained almost 9000 unique views and landed on the second place of this week’s Trending Trinity.

#3 - Chicago, New York, Stuttgart, Valletta, Kingston, Berlin... Institutional investors Pussyfoot Around

Cryptocurrencies are paving their way to traditional trading platforms and exchanges. Slowly but surely. More and more countries join the game. However, there’s no rapid growth of crypto-friendly traders and the situation is quite far from absolute general approval. What does it mean to crypto? Being not an easy read, but very important for understanding where the cryptocurrencies are at the moment, this article became the third of the most popular posts, chosen by our readers.

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