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Tracer Fitness App Moves to Near Protocol after Terra's Crash

Anna Martynova

As a direct consequence of the collapse of Terra, numerous projects have rushed into other blockchain ecosystems, struggling to survive. The Near Foundation also played a role, recently hosting Tracer, a fitness and lifestyle web app.

As Nicky CHALABI from the Near Foundation explained, projects like Tracer aim to align with core ecosystem values ​​that can support the company's roadmap going forward. Tracer's decision to fully transition to Near Protocol (NEAR) adds to the list of other crypto projects that have recently moved to Binance BNB Chain and Polygon Studios.

Tracer and Near used the same programming language to create smart contracts that simplified the migration process. Chalabi advised recently migrated projects to move to blockchains based on the interests of their users and communities, rather than choosing platforms for short-term monetary gain, saying it could indeed determine their success.

Image: Phemex

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