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Theranos Stock Certificate Will Be Sold As NFT By The Investor

Anna Martynova

American entrepreneur Marc OSTROFSKY, who was one of the first investors in the infamous biotech scam Theranos, wants to get his money back by auctioning his Series A stock certificate, signed by Elizabeth HOLMES, as a non-fungible token. Marc Ostrofsky invested $100,000 in Theranos.

"The Rise and Fall of Theranos" NFT has appeared on the OpenSea marketplace with a starting bid of 1 Ether ($4044). The winner can redeem the token for a physical certificate. The auction will run until December 23. Ostrofsky says he released the NFT to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the new technology.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, who became the world's youngest female billionaire seven years ago, faces up to 20 years in prison on charges of fraud and defrauding investors. Her company was developing a universal device for diagnosing diseases with one drop of blood.

Image: BFM

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