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The Researchers Reported A Bug That Could Bring Down The TRON Blockchain

According to the HackerOne disclosure report, a critical bug was discovered that could lead to the crash of the entire TRON $ 1.6 billion blockchain. It was possible to organize a crash with just a single computer — it was far enough for the attackers to resort to a DDoS attack.


The HackerOne report reveals that a potential DDoS attack on the TRON blockchain could consume all its resources. Potential attacks would lead to the fact that an attacker could, for example, deploy smart contracts loaded with malicious code.

The report literally states:

“Using a single machine, an attacker could send DDOS attack to all or 51 percent of the [Super Representative] nodes and render TRON network unusable, or make it unavailable.”

The error was first discovered on January 14, and the researcher who identified it received a reward of $1,500. The severity level of the problem was marked as “high”. One of the researchers at HackerOne disclosed this information on May 2.

Image courtesy of TechHq

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