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The Popularity Of Brave Browser Reaches Firefox and Opera

Brave, a privacy-oriented web browser with an integrated BAT token, is rapidly gaining popularity after the release of updated mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as the launch of Brave Ads. The number of monthly active browser users has grown by 450% since 2018.

The chart below from Google Trends reflects the interest in the Brave, Opera and Firefox browsers for the last 7 days in Google search results. Interest in the browser grew in early February 2019, and in April it grew again, and over the past week Brave has become as popular as other leading and respected web browsers.

Google Trends.jpg

As the browser gains the interest of users, it seems that the level of demand continues to increase also due to positive feedback. This means that Brave users generally approve of the browser, after which the WoM effect is triggered: users tell their friends, families and colleagues about it. The pace of development of the popularity of Brave is impressive, and it is possible that soon it will be able to compete with Google Chrome.

Image courtesy of Zero Crypted

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