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Stratis to Fund Blockchain Innovation Center in Uganda

Anna Martynova

Stratis has entered into a long-term partnership with the charitable foundation of King Oyo, the current monarch of Tooro, a kingdom in southwestern Uganda with a population of about one million. The king is known for his great interest in technology. A recent partnership with the Uganda Industrial Research Institute has resulted in the creation of the King Oyo Science, Technology, Innovation and Industrialization Park.

As part of the partnership, Stratis will fund a blockchain innovation center in the kingdom, designed to build the knowledge and skills of blockchain development. Knowledge will be shared by developing a syllabus designed to provide relevant use case examples to spark creativity and innovative thought process around blockchain applicability.

In addition, new use cases for the blockchain will be considered that can contribute to the more effective administration of the Tooro Kingdom for the benefit of its people. A particular area of interest lies within agriculture. The Stratis team plans to leverage solutions in agriculture and track-and-trace by implementing blockchain technology to create new smart resource management tools. This will be achieved with IoT devices interacting with Stratis Blockchain technologies.


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