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Solana Were Awarded The Second Place In The Technical Rating Of The Worst Projects

Anna Martynova

The independent rating organization DeFiSafety ranked the Solana network as the second worst project from a technical point of view. The reason for the negative assessment of Solana is constant failures against the background of other 15 networks. The first place in the DeFiSafety ranking is taken by the Ronin Network, which was robbed of $625 mln by North Korean hackers.

In addition, DeFiSafety notes that Solana's infrastructure is at a low level. The ecosystem still has only one implementation of a node, while Ethereum has three ways to maintain nodes, and network updates are handled haphazardly. DeFiSafety researchers also noted the weak implementation of the products. For example, the Solscan blockchain explorer consistently generated errors when researchers tried to view the details of older transactions.

In early June, the Solana ecosystem once again experienced technical issues that brought the network to a halt for four hours. As a result, the price of SOL fell by more than 10%. This is the fifth major issue with Solana since early 2022.

Image: CryptoSaurus

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