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Solana Blockchain Is 30 Minutes Behind Real Time

Anna Martynova

Solana's network clock was out of sync with real time and is now about half an hour slower. Solana announced this on Thursday, May 26th. This incident did not affect network performance in any way. However, online transactions will display timestamps other than "wall clock time".

This time disparity is one of the effects of the current slower slot times on Solana. The slot time refers to the amount of time a validator can send a block to the network. The ideal time for a Solana slot is 400 milliseconds (ms), but that has almost doubled to roughly 746ms.

The project uses PoH as a consensus algorithm that takes care of Solana's timekeeping, allowing every node on the network to keep an accurate time record. In addition to the fact that time is not in sync with real time, this also causes some economic effects related to the annual staking reward. Project staking rewards are paid on every epoch. So fewer epochs will reduce earnings collected by delegators and validators on the network.

Image: Medium

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