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SHIB Team Accuses CoinMarketCap of Lusting 3 Fake Contract Addresses That Are Not Safe

Anna Martynova

An official announcement made on Twitter by the Shiba Inu development team alerts users to three fake contract addresses for Shiba Inu listed on CoinMarketCap. All three addresses, BEP20, Solana and Terra, are reported to be invalid and should not be used.

According to SHIB officials, the above addresses are for the sale of Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, but it is more likely that the addresses listed on the tracker are fake and act as honeypots for Shiba Inu supporters who do not wish to use the mainnet to purchase tokens.

According to CoinMarketCap, the listed addresses are wormhole addresses that are designed to facilitate cross-chain transactions of the wrapped version of the token. These addresses allow users from different EVM-compatible blockchains to work with the token natively deployed on Ethereum. The official Shiba Inu account has yet to comment on CoinMarketCap's statement.


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