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Samsung Begins Production of Bitcoin Mining Chips

Anna Martynova

South Korean electronics giant Samsung is starting trial production of three-nanometer (3nm) chips that can be used for bitcoin mining. The 3nm chips are compatible with application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), the machines known to be the most efficient for bitcoin mining.

Samsung's ability to manufacture 3nm chips is likely to eliminate some of the weaknesses of bitcoin mining, such as reducing power consumption by 30%. In addition, the chips can increase mining speed by about 15%, as well as increase transistor density by 33%.

It is known that the first client of Samsung is a Chinese ASIC manufacturing company known as PanSemi, which develops ASICs for bitcoin mining. Similarly, Qualcomm, Samsung's biggest customer, has also said it is ready to take advantage of the new manufacturing process and has already reserved chips.

Image: Samsung

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