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RTFKT Studio Is Going To Implement Updated Digital Avatars For Various Metaverses

Anna Martynova

Photographer and digital artist Nathan HEAD shared details on some of the releases that RTFKT is working on and getting ready to release in 2022. RTFKT is going to implement updated digital avatars for various metaverses. They will be launched as "3D clones", models with updated parameters that can be downloaded in various formats.

In 2022, the studio plans to hold a "Forging Event" where it will unveil its collection of physical items. Previously, RTFKT created a collection of virtual sneakers that were released at prices of $3,000, $5,000, and $10,000 per pair. The RTFKT team is gearing up to launch its own marketplace for digital collectibles. On this platform, NFT enthusiasts will be able to customize their clones, buy products for them, and interact with fellow enthusiasts.

The CloneX Mintvial Collection by RTFKT is available on the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea. The only purchasable item is listed with a minimum price of around $36,000. Studio RTFKT was bought by Nike on December 14, 2021. The exact terms of the acquisition are kept secret. In May, the studio received $8 mln in seed funding.

Image: Wealth Catalog

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