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Ripple has offered millions to Gemini and Coinbase for listing - to no avail

According to the financial and business outlets, Ripple tried to get the eponymous digital currency into the listings of Gemini, a major cryptocurrency exchange partly owned by the Winklevoss brothers, early Bitcoin investors. The price of Bitcoin from this enterprise is also serving as a reference to Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

There were rumors about Coinbase adding Ripple in the autumn of 2017. The prediction of the same insider about Bitcoin Cash came true. Now that it has become known about the unsuccessful efforts of Ripple to add their coin on this exchange as well, one can deduce: that insider was not completely far from the truth and the info on talks between Ripple and Coinbase has reached him (or her).

The price motion of this cryptocurrency could serve as one of the symbols of the 2017 market craze: from the values below the dollar it has reached $3 at the peak.

Despite the failure to list the coin on Gemini and Coinbase (both exchanges fear complaints from regulators because the coin can be classified as a security pretending to be a token), Ripple founder Brad Garlinghouse is present in the Forbes’ top richest cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

Image courtesy of Dreamtime

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