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PSG Fan Token Has $15 Bln In Sales Volume, Topping The Rankings

Anna Martynova

According to Be[In]Crypto Research, as of June 14, the total sales of the PSG fan token amounted to about $15.36 bln. This milestone puts Paris Saint-Germain ahead of Atletico Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan, FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Inter Milan, AS Roma, Galatasaray, Valencia CF and Arsenal. The transfer of Lionel MESSI from FC Barcelona to PSG in August 2021, combined with impressive sales figures in April and May of that year, led to a surge in the club's token sales.

There was a 343% increase from $539.09 mln in March 2021 to $2.39 bln in April 2021. Sales skyrocketed in May 2021, reaching $1.74 bln by the end of the month. In August, token sales hit an all-time high of $4.19 bln, which equates to a market capitalization of around $93.05 mln.

Other months that contributed significantly to PSG Fan Tokens were July 2021 with $646.85 mln, September 2021 with $836.19 mln, November 2021 with $622.32 mln, February 2022 with $542. $93 mln and May 2022 from $644.43 mln.

Image: Fan Token News

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