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Probable Coinbase insider points at possible Ripple future support

Albert Renshaw, entrepreneur who is also interested in the cryptocurrency market, decided to tell one of the respectable financial outlets about an evidence of the alleged Coinbase insider trading. He pointed at the /r/Coinbase forum on Reddit, as one can easily guess, this forum is dedicated to the cryptocurrency exchange called Coinbase. A strange user was spotted, who told about the upcoming support of Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. Rumors about Bitcoin Cash soon turned out to be completely true, and other users asked him when the exchange is going to see Ripple. The user promised to tell as soon as he knows the exact date and added that his “mate” works in this organization.

Both posts are now deleted, but at least for some time they were available on Archive.is (this resource is blocked in some countries). This has been confirmed by several media focused on cryptocurrency.

Coinbase and speculations on possible recent insider trading have made a lot of noise quite recently. Commenting this situation, investor Roger Ver stated that insider trading is no crime, which would sound unacceptable to at least three American and other financial supervision agencies. He also recommended that traders should not hope for authorities as their protectors, and always choose investees on one’s own. This argumentation, however, did not manage to restore the image of this exchange.

Ripple, as noted in Bitnewstoday’s reports before, has good potential due to close cooperation with vast Asian banks, although for now it costs only 1 dollar.

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