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Phishing Attack On Electrum Wallet. About 200 BTC Lost

Denis Goncharenko

Christmas appeared to be not so merry at all for a number of the Electrum Wallet users — it became known that the application was compromised by the phishing attack. This allowed the hackers to create fake URL address, thus stealing nearly about 200 bitcoins from the users’ accounts during the last week (since 21 December) before the hack was discovered.

The hack of the application by fraudsters has been discovered and discussed in social media, currently, there are very active threads on Reddit and Github. The developers confirmed the information about the phishing threat by releasing an emergency update. However, at the moment the threat has not yet been completely excluded. Users also claim that it is not possible to download the wallet from the official Electrum website. Presumably, the website is under a DDoS attack, the hacker could have affected the central server of Electrum.


Users also claim on Twitter that the Electron wallet (the one for storing BCH) may be at risk too. Earlier in 2018, Electrum Wallet already faced some security problems. At that time, the developers claimed that they had dealt with the vulnerability.

According to the reports, various hacker attacks cost the cryptocurrency market more than $ 1.1 billion in 2018 alone.

Image courtesy of NewsBTC

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